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Light Truck Woodies for American Collectors    
text by Gilberto Rufino  
Without leaving USA you have now a unique opportunity to get an authentical American Woodie Truck rebodied in Brazil.BrazilianWoodies/Chevrolet1951Carryall_Gilberto.jpg
In 2004, attending a old car meeting a São Paulo Brazil,  I have seen a nice  beige Chevy Woodie, belonging to a Brazilian collector, proudly exposing it,   tailing with a classic boat.       From  that day on,  I have been  looking for a similar car, in order to reproduce the good parts. 
After five years waiting the right moment , I have had the chance of purchasing a vehicle with identical characteristics. BrazilianWoodies/1.JPGEven if it has lost almost completely the right side panels, the remaining wood parts could  be used as patterns, for reproduction.   
But one more opportunity, also brought to us the very favourable condition to develop this initial idea.   
In a beautifull country estate, which holds a rural Museum a 1950 Chevrolet 1950 Carry-all had been sleeping  for a long time in an open barn.    BrazilianWoodies/2.JPG
The owner of this car give us the chance to help him to bring back to life this vehicle.  Our Company is now working on this Woodie restoration project, in a different manner.  
 It is not question of a big frame off restoration, since the car is in a very good overall condition.  We will do minimal interventions, to reinforce the structure and cosmetic wood application, on the parts where the time dammage are too much visible.         
In memory of his father the  owner decided to keep the property and enjoy the car, as an touristic attraction to the picturestic town where he lives.          BrazilianWoodies/4.JPG
These three mentionned cars have the same structure and shape, identical hardware and trim.  
They had in common a beautiful design, with streaming  lines for the outside, and inside a fine detailed woodwork  upper mouldings and side panels.BrazilianWoodies/6.JPG
 All facts together we have no doubts theese Woodie models, deserve valuable  efforts of getting them back to the Old Car scenario.  By reproducing original patterns belonging to  vehicles  owned by us, our Brazilian Automotive Woodwork Company, is now also capable to build the charming utility Woodies from the past.
We started this project having in mind how rare are today these kind of Suburbans and Carry-all in the USA market. 
They  were always made by independent Coachbuilders, and the most renown were Campbell Mid-State and J.T. Cantrell for truck-based wooden bodies. BrazilianWoodies/52chev-carlzech1_small.jpg 
Don Gilbert's 1948 GMC is a rare example of a woodie on a General Motors Truck chassis.  (photo from Old Woodies site) 
Yet in Brazil the Auto Industry took in charge, very often the woodwork and body assembling  to the light truck chassis, that were imported from USA.   By this way,  the Woodie truck models assembled in Brazil, notably for Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler (Dodge and Fargo) were luxuriuous  as much as the station wagon bodies, provided to the passanger chassis.   BrazilianWoodies/Chevrolet1951Carryall_AguasLindoia.jpg  
GM do Brasil has even developped a sophisticated body for the truck chassis, on which the  passenger rear right only door open opposing the wind (suicide door).  BrazilianWoodies/DSCF3547__Small___WinCE_.JPG
One of the most amazing pictures we ever found during our researches is an old picture where one of the most popular brazilian country singers is standing out in a 50’s Chevy Carry-all  greeting people with the full open doors.  BrazilianWoodies/Chevy.wood__WinCE_.jpg   
Researchs, proves that the SUV woodie predecessors collectible models, became efectively scarce in the american market.    And literature does not mention frequently facts related to those cars model.  .Very few cars of that specie have been seen during Cars Shows and Events nowadays.   
For these circunstances, we assume that creating the opportunity for the NorthAmerican Woodies Collectors  have an authentic Brazilian Woodie, is probably very atractive.   
 Currently we are reproducing Station Wagon bodies for  GM and Ford light trucks or commercial chassis.  We rather prefer to do the  job mounting the body on the chassis.  
But we can consider,  eventualy to ship the parts, to be assembled in USA.  The complete body includes, the shell, the wood parts, hardware, seats, hinges,  door with latches  and the cowl metal parts modification.