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Welcome to our web site!
We have created in Brazil a new automotive Woodwork Company to offer services,  for worldwide old cars collectors, specialized on the rebuilding and restoration of Woodies.   Our skill and abilities to accomplish this work is already proven by our many satisfied clients, since 2003.    We pride ourselves in offering the best quality products and personal services to our customers. Also we provide the best woodwork craftmanship for Classic Cars. 

We are proud to bring back old Woodies to life.
The building where we started our activities host a Classic Cars Showroom
One of our Woodies arrived in the back yard of our main buildings

Click here to follow the video about our activities

The harmony between the cars restored and Vintage Architecture
A restored car and the patina colours of our Historical Place
After bein restored, the Woodie are displayed in front our premisesr
A completely restored Woodie, leaves our Workshop to start a new life

We pride ourselves to bring back to life absolutely authentic Woodies.  We gather a good team of the best Woodworkers Craftmanship.  The results came from a permanent Research on how to rebuilt the best Woodies.   In our Country we  also have had a large experience on building wooden cars that have contributed to the occupation of our lands.    Our main goal is to help keep  that history alive, for the future generations, and we are glad to have the opportunity to share this concern with Old Car Collectors and Woodies lovers.
We look forward to doing business with you.

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Woodies do Brasil is a trademark belonging to Celeiro do Carro Antigo Ltd. (OLD CAR BARN Ltd)

This Web Site is under construction.  
 Visit also http://www.celeirodocarroantigo.com.br/www/


The solid foundation of our Enterprise, also come from a  stock of Woodies displayed inside the beautiful old buildings of our Ownership open to the public.

A trio of restored Ford Station Wagons